Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space | Global

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space | Global

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space | Global

Rykarue Iriha


the game is single player and ONLINE. and takes an excessive amount of data & storage. Once data is downloaded, it barely use any data just like FGO but still requires good connection.

At first it is an idle game but for later difficulty and End Game (EG) contents it is not idle anymore by any means. Collecting certain materials, especially for lv 44 and above is time gated and some are ridiculously hard/grindy. The ridiculous is important. Thera are weps u can only max after grinding the same shit for +2 months and it is quite repititive, everyday 2 long dungeon clears

Most part of Gameplay is quite simple so using macro/autotap to do farming is easy which is nice, letting it run while you sleep but as been mentioned above, some parts are just skewe and ridiculous.

Story and setting is quite well made, there are no really deep explanation of setting unless you try to make sense of it yourself tho so it is notthe best material to be discussed imo, definitely not bad but not something i can be crazy about all the time like some hardcore fans does to Attack on Titan or Naruto or One Piece etc either.

Many OST in this game is good. Too good i must say.

Graphic is relative for each people, personally i find it definitely above average but saying it as the best would be over the top either, 4.5 out of 5.

2nd EDIT:
sometimes you will receive login error and it will automatically restart the game then redownload the whole data which at least 4gb for no reason. A huge rip off of data especially for those who dont have access to unlimited data. So worst gameplay on rating since there is nothing more specific in qooapp that will let me complain there

3rd EDIT:
Most bugs are fixed now, back to good rating

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This is by far the best RPG game I've played on a mobile. It brings back the good old single rpg game vibe I've been looking for. The stories are great, aside from the main quest there are also tons of side quests with individual stories each. Gameplay is smooth, but the best part is the beautiful music you hear and there are different BGM for every place you go. [哇噻]

Hender Wiz


non competitive single player rpg

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