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Final Fate TD | Global

Final Fate TD | Global

Final Fate TD | Global



- VIP system
- TD but didnt requires you to think at all
- Multiple servers
- Shards
- SSSR 0,5% chance. Guarantee on 300 summon. You can get 4 SSSR heroes weekly after stage 7-10.
- SSSR isn't strongest units. There's SSSR Deity (Yeah the rarity sounds more and more ridiculuous.) which uses different currency to summon
- horrible event duration
- Player Level, Server Release, and Time Gate content. (seriously, why make a content that require server to 11days old when the server itself freaking new)
- Short and worse limited event
- Bad translation
- Bad VA
- Bad animation
- Worst server management. (let's say, they tried to fix something, ends up break other things instead)

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takeru GT



M. Soracle


a breath of fresh air to classic TD genre with lots of things to do and alot to learn. rewards are abundant for all players spender or nonspender. characters are well designed and full of personality. skips are available for all player. all-in-all a great fun mobile TD game🤘

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