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Yokai Tamer | English

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Yokai Tamer



Ну я вот смотрю тут первый Русский;)
Со стороны игруха нор да и графон ниче)

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Astra IsMe


I played this game once and i download it again... it's the same but i would like if the game was actually manual instead of Auto..Auto is fine but this..is just a whole completly Auto game :/

Lloyd Dunamis


What...is this bumbling mess of an 'automated' game... They even outright give you the customization to "botting". I came here for cutes, but it seems teaser/trailer cutes are all they have. I wish I put it as just a trailer. This reminds me of some low-budget, cash-grab Chinese(?) games in website ads that give you POWERRR in an easy bot-(au)tomated leveling; you would be Lv75 before you're able to make sense of what's happening...if you can at all: even dialogues are auto-played too short. There's nothing for you here; you won't miss not trying this game. Feel free to gander at the nice several illustrations outside the game, I guess. Give me my playtime back to be spent for something else more worthy.

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