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Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved



詳細的操作解說 方便性的傳送移動 支持多語言

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tam le van


game hay. chế độ game đa dạng. cày tướng cũng dễ so với các game moba khác



been playing for 3years now. This is the best Moba game i ever play. There's always event for player to get free skins or hero. Very good graphic and artwork. yes,there's some pay to win hero or other things. but it depends how you play and depends what kind of team you get ,for the petra thing only for pay to get decoration and adventure mode stat boost.you can play this game for free like me just keep the hero/skin shards and wait for the hero or the skin you want in shard shop. I am solo ranker and solo play in normal mode,sometimes it really bad luck for getting shiitty team or full party enemy,but i still love this game. this is the review from me as a f2p player.

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