Hundred Soul : The Last Savior  | Korean

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior | Korean

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior | Korean

Gabriella Jaquryn Evelyn


here is the latest updates at 24 January 2021

0. SINGAPORE and AUSTRALIA server already shut down. you cannot play on that particular server

1. this game already released globally (at least asia)

2. you doesn't need vpn

3. you will look bad with default armor

4. costume will available with real money and some particular events that you must join to.

5. bad drop rate

6. bad gacha (crafting)

7. grinding simulator

8. the best of these game, FAN SERVICE.. where you can amazingly enjoy those ladies with big tits, hips, thights, sexy outfit.. of course with real money or pain in the ass grinding

9. there's a separated patches on korean server and global server
where korean one has a lot of content than global one. so be wise, make sure you select the server right

10. korean server also use english translation

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Like the Korean stereotype where all Korean girls look the same because they go to the same plastic surgeon, this game looks pretty much just like any other Korean action games. It looks good, but it isn't anything special. The combat feels more realistic with significant delays depending on your weapon choice and your character doesn't leap from one side of the zone to the other to hit the next enemy. The game doesn't feel like it's pay to win, so that's a big plus.

Maycon Martins


todos que forem brasileiros que joga hundred soul! vamos fazer um grupo de brasileiros desse jogo. irei passa meu contato, para vocês entrar na guild. 82 996549351

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