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Among Us

Among Us

Among Us

Christian Quezada Cubeños


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Funar o ser Funado, bajatelo we

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Вы когда-нибудь играли в мафию? Нет? Тогда это ваш шанс начать! Постарайтесь с другими игроками починить космический корабль, чтобы победить, но будте осторожны, среди вас есть предатель, желающий всех убить, и может даже не один, а может предатель это ВЫ!



This is another review I wanted to do for awhile, and time has come. I just wanted to say right off the bat id that the graphics of this game is pretty nice. I like the artstyle and how the deaths are done ( but the pet one hits differently). Otherwise, the way the maps are done are fun and the layout is kinda annoying but easy to understand after awhile. The sound design is great. From the footsteps on the spaceship to the ominous silence of the waiting room, it's really great detail. I do typically turn off the sounds but I do love it. The gameplay is simple but addictive. I can say when you play as a Crewmate that it's fun to play some of the tasks ( some are a bit frustrating but I could be dumb). And even after you die, you can still do them. A positive or negative, your choice. Spite being Crewmate being kinda annoying, being Imposter is fun. Though, you have to be very careful not to slip up. But then again; a normal crewmate could be killed for killing someone and the killer gets away ( but it's just not careful voting). Overall, this game is very fun and I bet that this is the reason why you can't trust teammates. (Joke) - A Reviewer

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