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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Dimas Dwiputranto


Yeeees, i can see some westerner are hating this game LOLZ. But I can blame them, this is not what they expected. They want FPS, not this tactical BS! And of course, I LOVE IT!

I love Tactical RPG. So this game is right on my alley. but for some people, they want FPS and they are dissapiointed by it. So I'm not blaming them.

MOVING ON! Like I said, I love Tactical RPG. And this game is what i need. Eventhough it's not very tactical because we can't control it, we still can use tactical skill like Air bomber or healing thing. So the gameplay is not the really bad! But I prefer that i can move my unit into the cover so the won't get hit.

The character you get is the character from the game. Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, you name it. Even the enemy is from the game. That's right. Not only you can get the Elite team from the 'Heroes', but you can get from the 'Enemy' unit. WIN-WIN SOLUTION!

Also, you can raise the star of the character that you want, liek from 2 star into 3 star, and many more! Also, you can get the character from the mission or from the evnets so no big deall for that! Right? Right? WRONG!

Now, I'm already said the Pro one, now into the Con one.

And I'm not exaggerating about it. First of all, I already said that you can raise you unit stars. But, here's the thing. Each mission can only give you 3 (or 4) attempts. And after that, you have to wait tomorrow. The problem is, the rate of the unit exp for raising the unit star is LOW. So how you gonna raise the unit star for that? The answer? VENDOR! And they have thing for RAISING THE UNIT STAR BUNDLE! AKA, SPEND YOUR MONEY SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GRINDING LIKE A STUPID IN THE GAME!

And there's more! If you buy the BUNDLE, It also provide some materials that you don't have to GRIND FOR IT! FOR EXAMPLE! WEAPON UPGRADE! EVEN IN DAILY, YOU ONLY GET SMALL PORTION FOR IT!

And that's why this game is pay-to-win in my opinion! i love to play this game, and I still play this game. But the pay-to-win realyy turning off. But neverthless, I may have to BUY the BUNDLE because there's some operative that I want in the game. Still, MTFKR PAY-TO-WIN! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

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Bauch Moren


Should've been a pure shooting game like RSS in my opinion, the intro is great tought

Husnuz Ziya


Pay 2 win, trash gameplay, terrible sound & music.

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