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Dimas Dwiputranto


The game is AFK game but in order to open new stage, you have to battle each stage. So basically not that bad game.

"Wait a minute? You said it's a afk game? So why we have to battle to open the stage? Isn't this like RPG battle?"

Aaaa, sorry. What I mean is, this is a RPG battle. But you don't have to collect resources by grinding it. You just have to wait for it, and you get the resources. So basically, it's semi AFK game. But to get the other resources, you need to open the other stage first. So you have to battle first to open the stage.

"Wait a minute! Resources for what?"

Well, to make your weapons, armor, and accessories duh! You can't expect to your waifu to fight emty handed and no armor right?

Anyhow, for the character detail, this is great. The Waifu is Waifable, andyou can choose between big boobs or small boobs! So it's a win-win! The only problem is, the Gacha. The gacha need a ticket, and a ticket need a diamond. And there's no friends Gacha or Money Gacha so good luck getting SSR.

That's it for my newbie review. Hope you all enjoy the game!
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