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Among Us



This game is very good. I like this graphic that looks like some hilarious cartoon character that some random kids made, it just make the game more addictive imo. The tasks are quite simple and overall it's a good game. Some issues of this game are:
- Since it's a trust game, you might meet people that are too annoying and just blame stuff without prove so yeah.....
- When you are the impostor then the room admin set the kill cd to 60 or something, it just feels unfair. Maybe the devs should make the max kill cd to 30 only. It would be more fair tbh
- Language issue. I am pointing to Pinoy who refuse to speak English, yeah. As a fellow Southeast Asian, I know that most of Pinoy can speak English really well so plz, plz for the love of God, speaks English unless you make a private room full of your Pinoy friend, ok?
- The music.... is ok... can't really love it... so I hope the devs can come up with nice music. Until then, I probably gonna turn on my playlist while playing this game.

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This is another review I wanted to do for awhile, and time has come. I just wanted to say right off the bat id that the graphics of this game is pretty nice. I like the artstyle and how the deaths are done ( but the pet one hits differently). Otherwise, the way the maps are done are fun and the layout is kinda annoying but easy to understand after awhile. The sound design is great. From the footsteps on the spaceship to the ominous silence of the waiting room, it's really great detail. I do typically turn off the sounds but I do love it. The gameplay is simple but addictive. I can say when you play as a Crewmate that it's fun to play some of the tasks ( some are a bit frustrating but I could be dumb). And even after you die, you can still do them. A positive or negative, your choice. Spite being Crewmate being kinda annoying, being Imposter is fun. Though, you have to be very careful not to slip up. But then again; a normal crewmate could be killed for killing someone and the killer gets away ( but it's just not careful voting). Overall, this game is very fun and I bet that this is the reason why you can't trust teammates. (Joke) - A Reviewer

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