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[Read carefully please] I'm here for only the game,not the good/bad gacha pulls. It's seriously fun,with great voice acting,design and chibi chess like feel, but, In my honest opinion,it's trying way too hard to be like Fire Emblem Heroes, and I can care less whether you wanna hear it or not. You have to be either stupid,oblivious or blind not to notice. The concept is identical, but a wee bit better than FEH. Regardless of the common gacha curses ,I still like the game,and am still playing. If you like RPG's, decent storytelling and have great tolerance to gacha disappointments, Langrisser deserves a try.[色色]

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imagine playing a game just to gacha and complain if you didnt get what you want LUL its not fire emblem heroes bruh, you can survive the story with any hero, well i dont know if you aiming to be #1 in arena but you doesnt want to spend. are you new to mobile game?



pay to win game

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