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Mirage In The Flower

Mirage In The Flower

Mirage In The Flower



[無語]used to love the game i had to switch phones cause old one died now they made the login system complicated and is hard to even begin on a new acc here

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Đồ họa chi tiết miễn chê. Nhưng mà chi tiết quá nên t thấy hơi rối. Game có rất nhiều nhiệm vụ,phó bản để đánh. Có fanpage và group cho ng Việt luôn. Tên là Sơn hải kính hoa. Chơi game này phải thực sự chăm luôn ý vì có quá trời quá đất thứ cần phải kiếm để nuôi con,đi pb hoa cả mắt luôn:) ,mà t lười quá nên bỏ nhưng t vẫn follow page và group,lâu lâu thấy mấy bài về skin,event hay cốt truyện vào đọc lại thèm cơ mà t nản quá :∆

Vinzha VYZ


So like everyone else, this game plays a lot like onmyoji rpg. Most glaringly is the character skills and game play, a few which are basically a copy of onmyoji. Snake energy releaser is zashiki, the level replays are basically exploration in onmyoji where you run around killing randos until the final boss appears, and so on. The game aesthetically is actually more like persona, strangely enough. The text box shows a 2d animated face of the character speaking which looks stylistically a lot like persona, which I actually like more than the stiff 3d model in onmyoji, but wouldnt make sense in onmyoji at all because it uses exclusively 3d models in anything and everything animated, only stills are in 2d. In this game, there are 2d animated cuts along with the 3d ones, which I like more since I'm a 2d hoe. I think 2d usually looks nicer. Some parts of this steam punk china world I like aesthetically, and other times I think that the design is not as good as onmyoji due to overly complicated scenery like in the fight scenes, the vaguely ugly transitions, stiff or uninspired attack animations... One of my least favorite parts is where you can create a bond with a deity or something? And the chat is horrendously framed in diagonal graphics. I dont know why they decided to do that, normal text would have been basic but fine... Thats probably the worst art direction in the game. Otherwise not too bad. Really great character designs, I really like chinese susabi orb flinger, you get him for free and his design and animation I really like. Oh but also MESSY UI IS MESSY I gave up navigating the game after three hours playing. My chinese is also not the best so it's ten times worse.... The story I feel starts like every rpg. Amnesia/rebirth, omg destiny, etc etc. I actually like onmyoji's story because the characters are so blase and dry about everything and the side characters are endearing on their own. This one felt more like every other game with enthusiastic protag who has powers and also his mom dies in front of him so now we must kill villain. Not the worst I've seen, but you know. Not the most compelling... The game itself is genuinely not awful. Also the rates for he gacha are way nicer than onmyoji. I had to delete it though because onmyoji rpg and card game and this game was killing my memory...

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