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Stella Maiden | Korean

Stella Maiden | Korean

스텔라 메이든



Imagine if shmup meet real time strategy and this game was the answer.

At first glance the gameplay looks similar as Azur L, but few differences is the fact that all of activities such as collecting resource, repairing, and developing a reflectstar (ship) is done in realtime, the game is also feature open world exploration so you can fly around the space while collecting resource, fighting enemy, and discovering new base (planet ?).

Art is also good with the anime kind of style from korea (cough), and also the ui is really blend with the theme, the sprite well you know it's rather okayish.

The sound well even though it has no VA (currently) the music is kinda meh, but the sfx sound is good to make you feel like shooting laser gun a'la star wars style

Try it out if you want more collecting waifu games.

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It's a really really good game. Waifu games don't usually stay a lot on my phone, but this one is really entertaining! It's like Azur L and Girls' Frontline but... a lot more interactive? You move the girls through space, reclaim planets and assign the different cosmic girls to them so they protect and maintain them. In each planet you can put resource plants, which give you, well, resources. These are used to summon girls (a la Touken Ranbu and Girls' Frontline) and also to supply the girls so they have stronger stats. Enemies are always present in-game, so one must be careful. There are also random events, with some being the most annoying thing ever (im looking at you, meteors) but others giving you resources. Only complain is, many things cost cubes, the premium currency, so making strong planets and fight scuadrons is costly. All in all tho, it's a really really fun game!

Negative Dương


Good, unique gameplay overall but a few design flaw ruined the game for me. - 1st: A high def tank unit will take 1 damage from most attacks but also deal 1 damage with their low atk, a high atk unit alone can destroy waves of enemies with 1 aoe skill. This encourages you to grind weaker enemies mindlessly to get resources and punish you severely if you fight stronger enemies, as the repair cost is very high - 2nd: the gacha rate is abysmally low. I got 0 4/5 star unit out of over 60 summons, some of them were hyper summons using 50 cores (takes a lot of grinding) Unlike other gacha game like girl frontline, a selected few 5 star dps units are extremely overpowered compare to all other units. With just 1 of them you can steamroll over everything, both pvp and pve, farm resources and exp easily. If you are unlucky, you are stuck farming res slowly, leveling up shitty units slowly, only to get vaporized by 1 aoe skill in pvp

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