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Dark Rebellion | Japanese

Dark Rebellion | Japanese


Dante' Cotton


I'm going to give this game the benefit of the doubt. I'll try it at least until rank 8 since that's the rank that unlocks the premium gatcha. however the character fragment system and VIP system is disturbing regardless of how "cosmetic" the benefits may be. If I fail to unlock at least one decent character at that point it's getting uninstalled.

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Nue de Blanç


graphic and gameplay good... but VIP system make consider to not play this game

Sherrice jackson


I decided to try the game out because there are a couple voice actors I like listed. The game is okay when it comes to graphics as well as gameplay. My main issue is the units mixed in with the equipment in the gacha. There are 2 gachas: one of which doesn't have the highest rarity in it but the units are at a super low rate. (check my gacha result to see what I mean) The other only has 3 of the highest rarity in the gacha but you can't roll in it until you're level 8. also the VIP section for this game isn't something that people really need to bitch about. if you actually read what you get from the VIP levels then you'd know that it really isn't necessary. you get access to a couple characters and a few extra runs at dungeons. if you bothered with marvel future fight's VIP you really can't complain about this one.

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