The Farm M: Princess's Farm Management

The Farm M: Princess's Farm Management

더 팜M : 공주의농장경영기



it's cute and enjoyable. some crops, like angelic herbs, takes a lot of time if it rains, so i recommended you not plant it when it's summer. also, there will be quests where you have to give a tasteful amount of your game money; so i also recommend to not waste it.

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Queenie Beatrice


Finished the main story today. This game is a good time-waster but YMMV on whether it's actually fun. I was F2P and playing blind so maybe people who buy QoL improvements or use guides (if there are any) would like it more. The good part of this game is that it's easy to get the hang of. Pretty casual and comfy game... until you're trying to farm Angelic Herbs and it keeps getting ruined thanks to rain. (BTW, don't sell your Angelic Herbs -- you need like, 8 for a certain quest halfway through the main story, and if you're unlucky, that alone can take several real-life hours.) Breakdown of my score since Qoo rating scale is weird, so my score ended up being really low (3/5 is considered "good", so mediocre games get pushed down towards the way low end): - Graphics are fine if you like pixel art. Nothing amazing, but nothing bad. (Rated 3/5 for good.) - Sound... There's only two tracks (day and night), you get silence when opening up menus. It's not a terrible OST, but there's nothing substantial. (Rated 2/5 for okay.) - Gameplay is alright, but What You See Is What You Get -- the only new gameplay stuff that gets unlocked by progressing the story are Ian (house upgrades; btw the weather one is a scam), Puppy, and cows. Inventory UI is pretty clunky and lacks some "basic" QoL features (like a Sort button), which is... an issue when inventory organization works as weirdly as it does. (Rated 2/5 for okay.) - Storyline is basic and one-dimensional; let's just say you aren't gonna play this game for its story. (Rated 1/5 for crappy. However, the story is mostly filler to justify giving the player busywork, so its not something players should think too hard about.) - All that said and done, I did spend quite a few hours into it and I stuck through to the end of the main story, so I give 3/5 for value. TL;DR: The game's core concept is fine, but in actual execution it feels disjointed, unpolished, and info is hidden from the player for no real reason. Also, this game sends ads up the wazoo. Normally I wouldn't really care, if it weren't for this game's weird ability to disconnect me from my WiFi and make me use my data plan.

Katy Perry


Can't wait for the English release

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