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Skip work! -escape game

Skip work! -escape game

Skip work! -escape game

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My boss was really great!

(You'll understand once you beat the game)

This game is just an average simple point and click game about escaping your wife to avoid going to work (lmao) with a very super short 24 stages and some with silly outcomes. Its a good game if you wanna kill about 20 minutes or less completing the game. Not much to say other than to make sure to turn on Airplane mode (cuz there's a lot of ads) and to NEVER pick up a gun found in a trash bin and talk to small children. Trust me, you don't wanna be arrested.

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tôi ko biết sao chứ, cứ game do mấy anh chị Japan tạo ra là em down về chơi và vote rate lun -))



Thats a sweet ending [開心]

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