Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture

Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture

Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture

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This has been a personal favourite of mine since launch and introduced me to what is now my all time biggest comfort anime, I'm going to miss this game so much and all of the amazing things that have come from it ): Not a single event, gacha, song, music video or plate was boring, and it filtered itself out from a lot of the other rhythm games I've played since 2014. Unique, cute and entertaining all in one package. It does suck that they've struggled with the music videos for so long, that being the main reason it's closing down, but I would happily take them never adding another MV just so the game could continue ): But thank you DeNA and Macross for making such an incredibly fun game ♡ I'll continue to love my angry, loud asexual icon Nekki Basara until the very end



●▽● Love it! The graphics and artwork is good, and the 3D models are cute and not completely awful. The game is pretty easy to understand even if you don't know Japanese; especially if you've played many other rhythm games, as it follows similarly in gameplay. For any minor details that you can't figure out, there should be a wiki/reddit somewhere. Easily a favorite out of many rhythm games.

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