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Unison League | Global

Unison League | Global

Unison League | Global

Satō Yuuka


Me lo descargue por un anuncio de Instagram donde salia Hatsune Miku y el juego me gusto pero, lo que no me gusto era hacer la campaña en online ya que habia mucha gente rota que ayudaba a superar escenarios y a mi me gusta hacerlo por mi mismo.

Por lo demás todo bien gran summon rate, muchas tiradas de summon, mucha Personalización.

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The game have amazing art style and sound effects, but the problem is the gameplay. Every time a new banner with super strong monsters and gears comes out, and it makes your old gear pretty useless every time... [大哭][大哭][大哭] It felt to me that the game is too much pay2win and thus I left the game for now... [汗顏] I hope to those who keep playing to have good luck and keep up with the changes to not stay behind like me... [難過]



Great game, my go to favourite. Love this game, a few creeps regular it though, watch out for them. Great PVP!

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