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Civilization VI

Civilization VI

Civilization VI




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Its not enough playing time but stil decent game for a demo



This is basically a slightly dumbed down version of Civilization VI for PC, it's a great option if you are into strategy / civ building games. Everything "in" the game is free, however, you can buy additional content such as civilizations (characters to play as) and gameplay modes. I have only ever played single player so I cannot comment on anything relating to the multiplayer modes. Pros: - the gameplay and how things are generated is highly customizable - many civilizations to choose from, all of which have their own unique benefits and units/buildings/etc - good graphics, sound and music - can be played offline* Cons: - could be repetitive after a few games if you aren't into strategy games or if you don't adopt different playstyles every dozen or so games - the additional content is (in my opinion) very expensive for what it is - some of the controls are a bit finiky to use on a smartphone screen - to play offline you need to login when you are online every so often*

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