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SoulWorker: Zero

SoulWorker: Zero

SoulWorker: Zero



Soulworker Zero

a good try to bring the famous game on mobile, but some of the areas are missing as well as a bunch of missions. It's well made, but the PC version is just better. Nevertheless it's a well made game^^

habe a great day^^

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They did a good job porting the pc version, capturing a lot of the beauty and basic mechanics, but it lacks a lot of the things that made soulworker stand out among other mmos of its style - the skills and skill combos available which allowed players to create fun and unique skill chains which gave players virtually endless choices to fit their playstyle. They also simplified a few mechanics, which is understandable due to platform limitations, but was a let down for me who had played the pc version. There are also other minor hindrances to gameplay that could be fixed like giving a little freedom in camera angles or showing mob special attack indicators. All in all this is a very good mobile app and captures the foundations of soulworker and I would recommend this to those who enjoy realtime roleplaying mmos like honkai. but for those looking for simply soulworker but on mobile, I'd suggest to not walk in with high expectations.



English ver. already out!

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