Sword Unleash Blading | Global

Sword Unleash Blading | Global

Sword Unleash Blading | Global




This is a really good SAO Alicization Game (maybe the only one there is) and it's really amazing^^

The gameplay (your decisions) are only against enemies
You can't alter the story (like in SAOIF for example) and only half of the story (which is still in development) is already here.
War of underworld is only a event and some future chapters come as event for a limited time only.

The PVP mode is "Ordinale Scale" themed, even with the original battle music used there, which is really well done^^

New Characters aren't lacking as well.
Even as F2P, the game is still very friendly to you.

That might just be everything I can say about it.
Try it, if you love the Alicization Arc. You won't be disappointed^^

have a great day^^

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Partizan 74


Я смотрю если для рашки нет игры в гугле, то мы все собираемся тут)

Itamie Sakome


un sao qui mérite d'être joué, graphisme plutôt bons pour un jeu mobile, la bande son est bonne. Le gamplay est basic (tour par tour), les personnages sont beaux visuellement et chaque attaques est animé. C'est un bon jeu que je vous conseil.

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