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Honkai Impact 3rd | Global

Honkai Impact 3rd | Global

Honkai Impact 3rd | Global



Honkai impact 3rd or Honkai impact 3 or HI3 (yeah, many names), is a next level game. That's what made it so popular and good, I guess. An easy download (but very long), makes it easier to download. the long download, is necessary and it's ok.

By the way: The game is only the top of the iceberg here. There's just so much More^^ Several own manga series on the homepage (which can be get via game), Several short movies on their channel (and you can unlock some, while advancing in the story), some played in reality and even their own anime series, is one, you shouldn't miss. The support is just next level, like the games. and that is, what makes it wonderful^^
I really want you to try it out for yourself. give it a try ;)

But... There's some point, I want to complain. It even affected my gameplay rateing here. Once you reached level 80 or 85, there's just Events going on. You might get bored, since you are just waiting for more entertainment. This might just be normal, but for me, it's a little downer.

have a great day^^

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Victor Amursku


Скачал эту игру по невозможности скачать когда-то геншин. И очень не жалею! ! Игру очень недооценивают, больше акцентируя внимание на самом, собственно, геншине... Броня, Бьянка и Розалия с Лилией - самые лучшие девочки.



censorship, censorship, censorship...global server is shit.

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