Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM

Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM

Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM



So.. our money was used to make this game project, eh..
Can't say i'm unhappy about it (F2P player). If you're not taking the 'rhythm' game seriously, you're gonna enjoy this game.

Let's see, the visual is mostly 3D. technically speaking, they need to fix/improve their rigging/skinning. I found that sometimes when the arm move, i can see Mash's back and shoulder get somewhat like a play-doh toy. it got mashed. Beside the 3D, the 2D motion graphic when opening a new chapter is cool.

My lovely little eggplant-kouhai in 3D, how can i describe this.. the 'Waltz' theme really brings out her charisma. Well, they did a decent job at the character design costume for Mash. What i like the most is when Mash in 3D, they add a little more detail (technical: polygon) to the armpit. (don't judge me plz)

The music isn't only 'orchestra' or 'Waltz' theme oriented. The classical piano BGM can you hear at main menu. The game itself kinda use (idk i'm not expert at music) idol happy-go-round theme. Which is imo, i don't really like. I was hoping there's more 'classical' or 'Waltz' theme in their music.

The same with coreography, the dance isn't really 'Waltz' oriented. I was hoping there will be 'elegant' dance and kinda disappointed. Because before you start the game, Mash took your hand in 'Waltz' way and gonna do some 'elegant' dance.

The gameplay, the synchronizing with the music isn't that good top-notch like you can found in popular rhythm games. This definitely has to be improved if they wanted to be serious in making rhythm games. I have no problem with the circle speed, you just have to adapt.. overcome.. git gud.. be the king.. However, if you just want to enjoy dancing with my little eggplant-kouhai, then i can't say much about the gameplay.

No need to talk about story, this game isn't focused in the story. The same goes with value. This game only here to heal your soul from the gacha salt in the main game.

But hey, the game only available for 550,000 downloads (don't know if it's true, the official said so). So maybe this review is useless lol.

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We're only missing Gil, Ozy and Artoria and this game is complete. Or just put gacha into this game lol. Need so many characters (Ereshkigal, Ishtar, Merlin, Enkidu, Astolfo etc.) Love this game! happy 5th Anniversary everyone!



Gameplay is shit, circles appear and approach too fast for my liking. I cant really read japanese so i dont know if theres an option to make it slower, please say if there is. Id like it if they had a background dim. This is coming from a Bang Dream player who likes to show character cut-in's. Why? The earlier levels have bright bg's and they dont really mix well with white circles . But honestly who CARES about that? ITS FATE. ITS A FATE RHYTHM GAME. I CAN PLAY SHIKISAI AND ALL MY FAVOURITE FGO OPENINGS AYYYYYYY

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