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Drift Spirits

Drift Spirits

Drift Spirits

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First of all, there is no English patch for whatsoever. The international sever had died in 2016. Nothing much left. Pros: • 150+ cars ranged from automotive-related manga/anime series (Pssst.. including Shakotan Boogie) • Maximum Tune-style friend challenge; the way you play is recorded when someone responded your friend challenge • Wide-ranged variant of events: DRSP GP, Boss Battle, Drift Survival, Time Attack, Team Battle Royale Cons: • Cars don't remark a value without proper parts • US/Japan-based Google Play account is needed for in-app purchase • Aiming ranks can be disastrous so resource grinding is a must if you want to aim for, let's say top 3000 • Repetitive gameplay

Anastasya Rin


its so cool, but i think much player need the international version again. cause not all the player understand japanese language

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