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Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager

Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager

Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager

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Keep your friends close but your enemies closer... if you happen to have heard or read that quote, it's from Mafia. [開心] Now, I'm not that knowledgeable about Mafia, I just happened to know that thing. Of all the anime games here on QooApp, why this game right? Well, I also don't know. I was just doing my usual Japanese lessons and I came around a playable ad. While the gameplay on that ad is something you won't see on this game (spoiler alert), I still proceed to download the game... hey! I enjoyed playing! You see, this game is like candy crush mixed with some sim city or cityville. But unlike those where you can keep building your city indefinitely, you have to just reach milestones then go to another place and reset all the progress. Not just that! It's all the same milestones but harder this time! [發火] Oh! it has other game modes and events! But it's the same micromanaging, city building, mafia biz stuff like the main game all over again! With some exceptions of having a fixed set of capos ( more on that in a bit) to level and use. Ok, what are capos then? Ya see... every free game has to have something to gain money from. And what's the best way for it? That's right! Gacha!!! [開心] And capos are those mini people you'll get from the gacha. which are introduced by different rarities that only really just give you more level up potential the rarer the capo is and these levels help on gaining you more money for each fixed establishment you buy or take by force! More level, more money! But money doesn't matter since it will reset on the next city/rank. Why play this game despite all those? How was it still enjoyable? While I already limit myself on playing this game as it affects my other activities, I still open and manage stuff on this from time to time and still enjoy things like the gacha as it's giving away lots of pulls as you play which make you not worry about rarities anymore, the battles because it lets you mix and match capos with different abilities and possibly win the match even you have a bit less lower power level than the opposing side, the other game modes despite being the same as the main one is still quite enjoyable in a sense of it's more difficult as it challenges your sense of time management as how frequent you can check on the game. This is also why I limit myself on playing this... It just really use a lot of my time! [大哭] Just try it! You might find yourself tapping away and losing hours on this game. Oh! also it drains your battery on higher ranks! [發火] Probably because you have to manage more stuff. Have fun gaming guys! [害羞]



not bad[色色][色色][色色]

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