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Mr. Bayercat


I've played Epic Seven on and off for just shy of 1000 hours. Basically, at the end game content where it's all about this grind. To explain my experience is a debate that would take an actual sitdown.
Ive spent enough money to equal paying slightly more than a dollar an hour. I make plenty of money, Im casual as hell and here's what I think.
Everything positive and negative people about this one holds merit. Is smilegate a money grubbing bunch of bastards? Basically.
Is this game still awesome? Pretty much.
Is it pay to win? No, because rng will do it's damndest to give you shit gear. You can throw all your money at it, and E7 RNGesus may not bless you.
It's balanced, or some toons are too OP/game breaking. It's all true and it's also not.
If you like fantasy anime, you will probably enjoy this game right up until you teeter too far on one side of the smilegate sucks fence or the other.
Im slowing down on how much I play, but it's only a matter of time until they add something else awesome to do.
It's my favorite guilty pleasure.

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Darg Kilua


too cash heavy bait.. even if you whale you wont get what you want w awful gacha rates.. and to build 1 hero require alot of grinding and materials.. before you finish 1 hero you will find better hero and regret later for all golds, catalysts, runes you wasted Not very friendly game unless you are masochist



Phenomenal graphics, music, and character design. A lot of people complain about the grind, and yes, endgame grind can be hell. But compared to other gacha games I've played, you're not solely grinding for the summoning currency. You grind for gear, runes, and such to actually build a unit. Story is nice, I personally haven't read to much into main story. Side stories provide a nice insight on units. The Developers are being a bit more responsive than the past. By far my favourite gacha style game. EDIT 1: smilegate is killing the game. Getting good gear is near impossible, content feels more like a chore and is not rewarding at all, new content is lackluster, auto battling is trash. I like this game, I really do, but smilegate is slowly killing it. EDIT 2: Smilegate has made auto battling good now, however the rest of my complaints are still valid. I recently quit because of the garbage gear I was getting, despite the improvements to the equipment conversion. RNG rolls for gear are just frustrating, and it's not fun when you grind the same stage over a thousand times.

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