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Since this is a personal review, so my review is totally subjective with my own point of view about this game. To start, i'm just gonna say this is a freakin bomb. Massive amount of fun, especially after "step-up" events that making this game MORE and FAR MORE fun than before. If you don't know about this step-up events, it is an event that gave you merc with +9 with max stars and level up to 7 days (cmiiw). So, the gameplay is automatic, what you have to do is set up a formation with 9 mercs with various range of attacks, skills, etc. Skills is so vast with a LOT of buffs and debuffs. There is a lot things that going on in skills, making the game more exciting and really fun to play with. As i'm saying this is my personal point of view, the graphics is really beautiful. Truly a piece of art, an incredible art. I love how the way it looks, the artworks and the battle sprites reminding me of an old JRPG games that i liked. Perfectly visualized and suit the gameplay very well. Grinding is fine because you basically can auto anything and the next thing I want to talk about is mercenaries. Not all 5* is great and not all below 5* is bad. 4* sometimes can be really helpful and more useful instead of 5* if you build it right. There is this thing called Novice Arena too, the arena that only 3* mercs and three 4* mercs allowed to be used, making the game not really oriented to 5* mercs. Overall this game is amazing, all time favorite RPG on mobile. I love how the way it looks and how the way it plays. Its just suits me really well. The only downside that i can think of is time. Grind is fine, you can relax while grinding but it takes a lot of time. Grind feels different in here and i kinda hate it. Leveling up mercs is fun but upgrading mercs to +9 or +15 is hard, especially for 5* after playing this game quite a long time. Nevertheless, this game still feels great. All time favorite rpg in mobile.



Ever changing meta with so hard to build mercenaries.. Building a merc= 9skillbooks + 5 companions from gacha + soul gear max.. when u finally build a merc meta changes and it becomes useless[大哭][大哭][大哭] Other than that pve is solid.. pvp is good but like i said ever changing meta.. designed for whales to completely dominate

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