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I'm not a fan of tapping games, but this one is really nice.
It's interesting how each of your choices change the outcome of the game.
The game is about you, but the story is about Es, which is confusing but intriguing.
There are 3 endings, that change based on your choices.
Can also be a interesting way to know more about yourself through the "tests"
Can't say that the results are always 100% right, but they do make you reflect sometimes.
A well made short, mysterious and intriguing game.

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私はタッピングゲームのファンではありませんが、これは本当にいいです。 それぞれの選択がゲームの結果をどのように変えるかは興味深いです。 ゲームはあなたについてですが、物語はEについてです。 あなたの選択に基づいて変化する3つのエンディングがあります。 「テスト」を通じてあなた自身についてもっと知るための興味深い方法にもなります 結果は常に100%正しいとは言えませんが、時々反省させることができます。 よくできた短くて神秘的で興味をそそるゲーム。



As one of my favorite game, I should give my positive review too. [ SPOILER ALERT. If you don't want to see any spoilers, do not proceed to read. ] I rarely see a character was made so real that I think I want to meet her someday somehow. This game has 3 endings, each ending leads you to different feel, though it didn't affect any of the analysis results. If you have played long enough, you can see which choices that belongs to Es, Facade, or neutral. And, even though I know that adding more books to collect butterflies (this is different from the book that player and Es talked about after the true ending) means adding more storyline (cause the last book in it seems pointless), maybe adding some new lines for Es would be okay? I love talking to her so much. And if you're a big fan of the game, be sure to check the game's website (they have wallpapers to download) and leave review <3

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