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Dragon Raja | SEA

Dragon Raja | SEA

Dragon Raja | SEA



First off the english voice overs & subtitles don't match, which irritated me a bit so I turned off the voice acting (it sounded horrible anyway).
While the storyline started off pretty good it went downhill somewhere in the middle, when it feels like you're more of a slave/side character that's just there to keep things going but isn't really involved in anything that's happening (maybe it'll change later).
I do like that you get to make choices that influence your personality & have an impact to the story (a few do).
Overall it's a good MMORPG game with stunning graphics, character customization, pets & more. Also there's a lot to do.

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This MMORPG has awesome graphic and scenic cutscene !! It feels like a good single player game. [哇噻] Total file size : 3.6 gb with some additional download. The game only has 4 class at start but it probably will get expanded. [微笑] Again the graphics is awesome , the character customization is not wide but it's a great time sinker. I enjoyed all the scene they gave. Took a lot of photo myself. Perfect score for clean UI that won't disturb my screen during play. [開心][開心] Sound is so so. They still trying to dump the usual battle effect. The music while it's not bad , it also doesnt give much hype during battle. [難過][難過] Gameplay is actually cool. You get to interact during cutscene with some motion. [懵懂][懵懂] That is a plus score. The rest is the usual gameplay from skill tapping after cooldown. It has decent story maybe? Didn't feel much since the concept is too mixed , but since i feel there's an effort I'll give it 4 star. [厲害][厲害] This game has assistant gacha , they should've abolished the gacha entirely and sell it as equal star with different ability option as a package. The rest is the usual package with different content inside it. [不滿][不滿]



Nothing interest but graphics is great. All npc have character voice and a lots of CG of story , npc , cut scene , etc nothing interesting to purches

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