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Tales of Crestoria | English

Tales of Crestoria | English

Tales of Crestoria | English



en graficos y la musica bn pero en estilo de juego se hace muy monotono,ademas los enemigos se matan muy facil pero entretiene bastante

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An Airborne Cat


Tales of Crestoria Size : 1.7gb Servers 2, English and Japanese Story is solid, as with most tales games, it's not amazing, but as a long time fan, I can overlook any downfalls the story has or may have purely due to fandom. Graphics overall look... Well the overalls nice. I could nitpick here and there, but its really not worth it. The game looks good considering it is going for slightly HD models in comparison to say Tales of the Rays (Yeah TotR did get a graphical update and it looks better than it used to for sure. That simply means if this one lives long enough, it could get better as well) Gameplay... Well if you're a fan of turn based combat that really offers nothing special, and punishes you for not having a full SSR team, look no further, this is your game. Still boring af to me, hit auto and wait for it to be done. Pros -It'll be alive for at least a couple months. -It's got a good story -Still has a bit of the Tales Charm, in form of after battle skits. -It seems to run at about 30-45fps now, rather than the 5-20fps it got last week. -Story wise, the games polished. Cons -Throws out the Series charming and challenging skill based combat. -Would be nice to see it running at 60fps. -Most expensive Gems i've seen in a long time. -Slowest Rewards in a game that more or less requires you to gacha a lot. -Likely will be closed in less than a year. Final Verdict Play if you need a good story based game. Wouldn't spend money on it unless you have money you don't care about losing.



A refreshing addition to the Tales Series on the mobile platform, featuring characters spanning across all Tales and possibly the first turn-based title of said series. Graphics: The graphics is definitely up there with tremendously accurate ports of their model, animation and artes of their PS4 counterparts. I've finished the latest console addition, Tales of Berseria, and personally feel that the graphics of Crestoria is in no way inferior to said title. Sound: Pretty much what you expect from a Tales series. Soundtracks are soothing with a more light-hearted medieval take, and the voice overs are as usual, appropriate for the newly added characters of Crestoria. Note that most characters however would probably have reused their voice lines from their respective games. Gameplay: Unlike most Tales games, Crestoria is turn-based. There's not much to say as it's really too standard. You have a team of 4 main members and 2 subs, each equipped with a stat buffing trait in the form of a memoria. Initiate combat instances, spam their artes, time their cooldown, before unleashing their ultimate mystic artes, inclusive of the generic RPG elements such as elemental advantages and status effects. This pretty much sums it up. Storyline: No spoilers. All I can say is that they did a fantastic job. Optimization: The textures are high-res with high fps as long as you set the graphic settings to the max, while obviously eating up more battery than usual. The only problem I've faced on my P30 Pro is the occasional fps drops, which for some reason only triggers at the start of certain stages, and will not remedy itself until the end of the quest. It either works, or it doesn't. I've sung alot of praises for this title in this review but know that the more reputable a company is, the higher the expectation. Overall, this game has left no outstanding impressions whatsoever. Personally it is difficult to feel emotionally invested in 3D titles due to how overly saturated the market already is. It is not the graphics nor the story nor the gameplay that determines the success of a game. Contrary, it is the immersion factor that truly contributes to how much you enjoy one. And in that aspect, Tales of Crestoria has failed to deliver. Reviewing the game based on QooApp's standards, I believe I have given a score misleading to the general audience.

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