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AFK Arena | Global

AFK Arena | Global

AFK Arena | Global

Hen Yi



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I've been playing for quite a while and there's aways a new event with good prises, new heroes and new functions. the only recent problem was about the Expedition. but still, not much people understand what the event is about and don't cooperate with each other. Lots of groups get prejudiced by people who don't do anything there and don't even use the chat. The auto translation system is ok, but separating militias by language would be a great help! I loved the chinese guild from the first militia I was in, they did cooperate and talk with each other. This last time I was in a mostly korean militia and there were arount 10 people playing and cooperating for real. I think if someone is not going to cooperate and play the event, they are needless there and another person could take their place. I do like the event, it gives great prises, but 10 people (out of God knows how many were there) can't reach the boss alone.



nothing wrong, such an amazing game, very generous with it's gems and loads to do if you are busy there will be rewards when you get back!! characters are so cute!

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