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Stale Bread


A really good rhythm game with a heckin weird storyline that I have been playing for over a year now and I am still having a lot of fun. Currently at ptt 11.40 as of right now. It introduces a new gimmick called Sky Input where there are notes coming towards you from the top portion of the screen and really fun idea that can make up a whole variety of chart designs in this game. but pls note that you have to play money to play this game at its full potential and i do not recommend for casual players, especially when playing the Future/Beyond difficulties. [難過] also i need to tell you that PREGG BAD and Modelista good [厲害] and lowiro pls bring bacc chunithm partner events i want chuni penguin Edit: July 16..... THE LOWIRO GODS HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS AAAAA



It's a very challenging game but it is possible with thumbs since I've tried it but yes, sometimes it doesn't register my taps, especially the sliders (also you can play until present with thumbs but future, no [暈]) Pro's 1. Different game from any other rhythm game I've played, has sky notes which I adore [色色] I have no other pro's I can say about it [耍帥] Con's 1. It's very hard if you use thumbs, especially future mode, but it is possible [暈][暈] 2. It sometimes doesn't register your taps even though you're just a bit further from the tap line [驚訝] 3. Idk if I can get memories without paying for REAL money, so I guess it's a con But well, I love this game so I do recommend it [微笑]

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