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Island: Exorcism

Island: Exorcism

Island: Exorcism



The story is terrible, the voice acting is awful... The battles are pretty shitty and automated.

The graphics are only cool on the 4 seconds loop vid when downloading the extra data at the start.

The rates are disgusting.

This game is not worth anyone's time to download it.

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Sasuk Ucha Zuqa


i think this game is for hard work player only, because it really hard to lvl up fast for your hero. but they are strategy how to lvl up fast, you need to go devil hunt everyday. most important thing is lvling up your equipment first to get more CP power. almost forget, little hint when you reach lvl 30 your hero or your equipment it really hard to lvl up haha hard work. if u want to get more better materials upgrade you need to reach 400 CP power or more from devil hunt. purple exp material it better to upgrade your hero fast. explore to get upgrade material wew i forgot.

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