Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese

Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese

Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese



전체적으로 붕괴+크루세이더 퀘스트+다크소울 느낌
전투 자체는 붕괴랑 같지만 스킬 사용이
크루세이더 퀘스트랑 같은 방식이다
그리고 붕괴에 비해서 꽤나 매운 맛

캐릭은 60번,무기는 30번마다 확정으로 픽업이 나오고
일정 기간 동안 픽업 캐릭이 매번 바뀌어서
콜라보 캐릭터인 니어 오토마타 빼고는
다 뽑을수가 있어서 꼬울 일이 없다

약 12만원에 648위안인데 그걸 가챠 재화인
블랙카드(약칭 블카)로 교환하면 8160블카가 되는데
10번에 2500블카라서 30번 뽑고 660블카가 남는다
대략 24만원에 캐릭 몸을,12만원에 6성 무기 하나를 얻는다

붕괴랑 퍼니싱 둘 다 해봤지만 개인적으로는
퍼니싱 그래픽과 분위기가 더 나한테 맞았고
전투 시스템도 붕괴보다 더 재밌다고 느꼈다
퍼니싱의 전투가 스피드해서 그런지
퍼니싱하다가 붕괴하려고 하니까 전투가
지루해지는 느낌이 든다
대신 붕괴보다 스태미너를 짜게 줘서
하루에 플탐이 길어야 10분정도 된다

현재 중국,대만,일본 순서로 서버가 나왔고
한국은 9월에 출시예정이 있다고 한다
참고로 중국서버와 일본서버의
업데이트 차이가 1년정도 난다

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tbh this is my opinion honkai impact 3rd white knights plesse don't come at me i like hi3 but it does feel lackluster compared to this but ehem, where do i even begin with this game? it's fluffing amazing, and I honestly think it's better than honkai! well then, lemme get into my own opinions on the game: 1. login: to those who are having trouble logging in due to it only allowing weibo and qq users, it's actually pretty simple. on the app, when you get to the login screen, just go to the third tab on the right near the question sign, enter the password you use, and after that since you need to turn in your real name and id number, just go on http://www.myfakeinfo.com/nationalidno/get-china-citizenidandname.php and choose a name and id number and put those in, but after you do that you have to set up your profile, you are gonna have to put in a chinese name, meaning you are gonna have to translate the name you want to have into chinese, or else it won't let you into the game, after you enter a chinese name, it will let you into the game and you can play. 2. size and how much storage it takes: this is the part where i hate honkai. MiHoYo decided to make it so that you have to download the hd assets, which not only takes up a ton of space, but it also takes a while to download. this game has an initial download about the size of the Bandori initial download (if you choose the mini download that only installs all the important assets.). meaning it's about 1-2gb of storage, which is great because it's not gonna be a space hog unlike honkai. 3. graphics: i love the graphics! it's like I'm looking at a beautiful peice of polished Quartz! it just looks so pretty to look at, especially if a character is casting their ultimate attack! 4. sound: i love the bgm in the game! it sounds intriguing and just relaxing to listen to! it fits the scenes and I'd love to download the games soundtrack (if it does have one.) 5. story: so, i can't really judge the story since 1. im the 'skip every story scene' type of person and 2. i can't understand simplified Chinese. 6. battle system: this is one of my favourite parts about the game. instead of it being you running to the enemy and spam attack (looking at ya hi3) dodge some attacks, rinse and repeat, when you get hit critically, you stop attacking, and your character usually falls on the ground for a few seconds before getting back up. also, you can literally stop time by dodging a mobs attacks, meaning you have a window of opportunity to preform an attack on the monster without risking getting hit. 7. gacha and characters: even if i just began the game ii lready have 1 A and one S rank character. i don't really know but i think you can get another S rank character through the login bonuses or just gacha for the login bonus character. i also like how there aren't just 10 forms of one character, but only 1-2 other forms of the character. in your first ten draw you can get an A rank character, i just so happened to get the A rank version of the character you start off as (she also looks like Hatsune miku so that's another bonus) but the gacha rates are pretty fair, and you can exchange the gold tickets you get for gacha tickets! 8. value: if your not playing hi3 but want to play a game like it, i recommend you try this! you get a ton of free stuff (including an S character ticket) and it's enjoyable to play! i hope this game comes out globally, because i can see it going up against hi3! like i said, i honestly think this is better than hi3 in every way! but i still do like hi3, but hi3 really is lacking compared to this. well then, i hope whoever's reading this enjoyed my review on the game, and i hope you have a good day!

Kunalan Manickam


I seriously love this kind of action anime games but what's tthe real downfall is the login system way it's sucks honestlycan't it be more simple login system rather than giving hard time for players..i just hope the devs and the admin for qooapp would take in considerations to fix this matters im sure there are many players like me out there who wanted to play games like these but cause of this login system feels like shit...hope the admin would look into this matters and make better login ways.

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