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Warship Girls | Global

Warship Girls | Global

Warship Girls | Global



At first, I think this game is just for Male. But after playing for a while, I am addicted to it and enjoying it too!

The setting of vessels is in detail and I learn some knowledge about it while playing the game// Like the different formation and different skill that a vessel have.

And I really love the fact that the resources will automatically recover even if players are offline. So even if you are not a hard core player you can still get resources to construct new ships occasionally.

Although sometimes the game will have error in loading but it can reload easily. I am sure this problem will be fix. Let's not criticize this on a newly published game~

Overall, this game is still awesome and I will recommend you to try it out too!(〃'▽'〃)

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just a boring Kancolle/Azure lane game. beautiful art but it has the most basic of the basic type of girls.

kaito kun


Muy bueno y adictivo (bueno para mi 😊)

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