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Catarina Farm

Catarina Farm

Catarina Farm

Pewface Gaming


just a cute pass time game
and i love it

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When else will we have the opportunity to enslave Bakarina? Lol jk. I like the graphics, and the sound so relaxing. This is a simple-casual game, so don't be stressed when playing this game. Only tap-tap and available offline. I recommend you to play this offline, so no ads here.



What can I say as a bakarina fan? [開心] This game is just cute. Period. The gameplay is so simple, one click away. Even if you don't know any Japanese, you can play it right away because they will give you arrow guide. Unlocked all of the crops and smol lands in level 28 in 2 hours hoho. I guess I'm just that bored. AANYWAY, if you are a bakarina fan, just try this one yo meet those pixel cutie chibi character of bakarina's story! ( ~'ω')~

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