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Murder Maiden

Murder Maiden


Franz Oatuls


No need to reroll in this game as the game got good rates and it's fast to dl. Highest rarity is SS but can only be achieved thru evolution. You'll know when you hit the jackpot if you got a rainbow book.
The gameplay is easy to understand and quite similar w/ games from DMM.
The art looks like from some old school hentai dating sim game.

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"It's like an eroge doujin tier game" No pun intended it is feel and look like that, but with that being said it's not really a bad game in fact this game is good like dmm tier game though. The thing i should mention: ~The potrait/drawing is animated that means it was live2d waifu come to live.. sort of. ~The bgm for battle is dope... it's cannon yeah old classic cannon that been speed up with remix/nightcore is awesome. ~The sprite... is generic tbh, it's not bad it just like doujin tier game sprite. And i guess that's that. P.s to say about the game being stingy with rates or some sort, it feels like to early tbh, i guess i keep that aside "for now".




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