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Sumi Sumi: Matching Puzzle

Sumi Sumi: Matching Puzzle


Kuromi Okumura


It is so cute and funny, I love sumisumi[開心]

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While the game is absolutely adorable and core gameplay is adequately fun (it's another Candy Crush copy), many stages are outright unfair, and Rubies (the game's premium currency) trickle in at a pathetic rate, leaving players with little chance at obtaining their favourite characters from the gacha. In mitigation, during events there's usually at least one free character, but again, event stages are often unfairly difficult, and most of this game ultimately boils down to RNG and copious use of overpowered items (which, surprise surprise, can be purchased for senseless amounts of money). If you aren't careful and/or are prone to spending, there's a good chance you'll find yourself subconsciously splurging just to clear stages. Back to the topic of Rubies, they're sold for preposterous amounts too, and of course, the other option... is to use Tapjoy. For its predatory nature I cannot in good conscience rate this game's value higher than one. Play casually or not all.



cute game for anyone who likes san x characters The stages range from easy to hard depending on how far throughout the game you are.You get to collect characters with different abilities and animations(so you can look forward to those[厲害])Overall,just download it so you can friend me [賣萌]please.

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