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Memory Boyfriend Voice App

Memory Boyfriend Voice App

恋するメモリ解放アプリ 声優 × スマホサクサク

Kuromi Okumura


I tried this one, I think it is good, I would prefer it could have more options like alarms and notes.

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Dawn Hart


It's cute, the audio can help in learning Japanese with the translations, but it would be nice to have some extra options such as alarms and notes like mentioned from another reviewer.

Rinate Paap


Приложение для очистки RAM, не адаптированное под современные версии андроид. Рекомендуется только ультра-фанатам Фурукавы Макото. Все войс-файлы собирать очень долго, а фразы достаточно банальные

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