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After playing multiple otome and struggling with my connections to play online games, I searching some worthy offline games and I found this game. I missed playing rhythm games after I finished Cytus 2 a while back and without 2nd thought, I downloaded this game. Good news, I am not disappointed at all! The original songs are absolutely awesome and the UI is sleek and smooth, soo lovely! I give high remark for the "judgement line" system. It gives more challenge to the game and I consider Phigros a fresh new style of rhythm games! Very suitable for you all who wants to try a new type of rhythm game [開心][開心][開心]

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這遊戲的判定線...會跑!會旋轉!還會變成各種音遊!(愚人節啦) 完全免費的非商業偏硬核的音遊,譜面難度稍微偏高,但判定區間相對來說很鬆,只有習慣了判定線旋轉的時候人也跟著一起旋轉的話對新人也是非常友好~ 受益於判定線的靈活度,譜面本身也是非常多元化,包括但不限於文字壓,傳統7K,掃描線模式(?)等等花式玩梗,無論是用來觀賞還是實際上手打也是一種享受! 買歌方面是用平日打歌累積下來的“數據”,類似於Arcaea的殘片,不需要氪金只需要你肝“數據”,是不是很便宜~! 無論是手殘黨還是音遊大觸我都超級推薦Phigros!



I really likes this game!!! They don't have any "paid" things. You can just collect data and buy songs with them[開心][開心]

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