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Áine Aoife


Help please. I'm unable to download and update games on Qooapp. It's just stuck in "Connecting". I have the latest version of Qooapp and tried the troubleshooting steps provided should there be issues in installing the game. My device is Redmi Note 7.

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"Hey, how to download QooApp?" "You can download it from QooApp!" "Thanks" another edit: a recommendation! add bio feature or something like that, idk, i just like to wrote things on my bio in games/sosmed edit: here's the legit review of this app the app is taking too much storage, this app has way too many useless features. there should be an option to change a leader of a group when the leader is inactive for a very long time, or at least an auto kick function.

Echo Hikaru


wait..... im using QooApp to download QooApp? What paradox is this?!

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