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Warship Girls | Global

Warship Girls | Global

Warship Girls | Global



lmao just play Girls Frontline
way better

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just a boring Kancolle/Azure lane game. beautiful art but it has the most basic of the basic type of girls.



illustration : 9/10, excelent In game art : 2/10, Meh BGM : 1/10 (suck) VC : -99/10, (this shit game keep repeating ONE same line wtf) game play : 6/10, its okay Storyline : N/A, do this game even have story ? Value : .... do you ask me bout value of this game ? pfft Basically This game was Low budged (kancolle Rip off) 1,4GB oversized GARBAGE. When i see the illustration or key visual ... they did well, but after i play it MEEEEEEEEH its really disapoint me, you dev really looked down on game making Business, If you really dont Have budged to make Waifu game then dont, Half-assed game only make you go bankrupt

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