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Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders

Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders

Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders



Not a fans this game. The tutorial is too long and the gameplay is simple. It feels like wasting the time for a long tutorial. And after your gacha/purchase of a 3☆ monster, the tutorial keep forcing you to power up and evolve the 1☆ one. So what's the point of buying that more powerful monster in the early stage? (literally require you to pay 6000 gems for the monster while every npc is just paying 802 gems...wtf?)

The design of the monster is too similar (dark green/grey/white with dinosaur-looking monsters), the monsters don't even have a significant change after the evolution. Not going to continue playing this game since I am not a big fans of monsters fight in the first place...

Just my opinion though.

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Thurugi Kyosuke


Good kaiju game

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