One Punch Man: The Strongest Man | SEA

One Punch Man: The Strongest Man | SEA

One Punch Man: The Strongest Man | SEA



well this is only based on my first 2-5 hours of playing but its okay. well just that i find getting characters more interesting and achieving than doing the other modes.

i can't say much about it but like to me, i wouldn't exactly want to play this game too much but only as a time to time thing.

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Typical Farming and P2W game with low gacha rate. Graphics is good, though I personally prefer they didn't use anime scene again especially at ultimate. (I aways laugh when Sonic use that ultimate of his xD.) Gameplay is typical but the need of planning with core is a bonus point, though regretably there's less core than needed.(Most peeps use Genos and bicycle combo because of it) Not to mention Game breaking Saitama that can kill every boss in one hit xD. The bgm is annoying at times (maybe just for me alone?), though I will give few stars for the theme song~ In any case, the lack of King in gacha make me decrease the value by 1. [厲害] Watching the anime again while playing the game, I can't help but think those who make this game really didn't put in any extra effort at all...I sincerely hope they add content that didn't exist in anime rather than copy pasted it just like this.

David Eduarth J


yang di bahas gachanya doang, lu pikir main game gacha bakal fokusnya di gacha doang? mikir tol*l, asal punya 2/3 SSR udh cukup asal lu bisa ngatur line up, lu pikir char R/SR di adain buat apa beg*, diamond di pake buat gacha doang? dasar tol*l, equipment/gear dulu tuh urus, kebanyakan yg ngeluh gacha itu yg lvl nya masih 30-40 an makanya main yg jauh beg*, jangan ngeluh terus bisanya

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