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I really love this game. Hoping for English translation soon, cause I can't read Japanese, but am doing well. Gameplay wise,the controls feel out of place,as with similar MOBA games,you have your virtual d pad,and your attack buttons,as here,you engage opponents physically and with cards. I also enjoy the soundtrack and oddly virtual environments. If you have time,give this game a whirl. You might like it. [色色]

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(2019/3/29更新) 不知不覺玩了一年,來寫個詳細評價。 當初是看到メグ實裝情報,立即下載遊戲…直到現在本命還是メグ。 全部要素都直接命中喜好——角色有趣,設定值得深究,還有VOCALOID主題曲(現在AR拍照也很沉迷…),導致我雖然不太會玩moba,還是堅持了下來。 新手期最難的是適應玩法,以及缺少實力相當的夥伴。競技遊戲好難找大佬帶,你只會拖大佬後腿……然後也並不想看到技術比自己差太多的隊友………………有一個實力相當的朋友一起玩會好很多,真的。 除此之外就是變強:多打練技術(瓶頸時可以試試觀看大佬的實況影片,受益良多);多抽卡提升卡等(不可否認,課金是個好途徑) 康怕死經常有聯動,如果是為聯動而來,又恰巧喜歡它的玩法,還請務必繼續玩下去[厲害] 最後是忠告——你看隊友多野人,別人看你也如是,如果不是真的發揮得很好,請一定不要當面責罵隊友。用彈幕懟人的我見一個舉報一個(不論是不是針對我,不論是不是我的隊友),口出暴言的人是人類之敵,不接受反駁。以上。



1. Please make english version language 2. Please make offline 3. Download and loading was to long 4. Sometimes screen picture show white or black 5. Size 118 mb was to big for low specification smartphone 6. Please make music like melody only 7. Sometimes movement player was error , please fix this

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