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i★Chu Étoile Stage

i★Chu Étoile Stage



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First of all, this is for casual players. (Also, it's just like playing A3! but with iChu characters. Both are by Liber Entertainment.) After you input names and stuff, you have to read the first few chapters of the story. (you can skip them one by one) Next, when you get to the Home page you can skip tutorial by picking the left option. Gacha time! The free 1x10 is nice. The best pull I got was 3 SR and 2 SSR which you can reroll how many times you want. Left option to reroll btw. (I forgot to check the gacha rate for this one, but does it matter? Most people play this for the dudes.) I didn't pull the normal gacha. Now, the Produce section has 4 things: Lesson, Work, Live, Event. All of these are in chibi animation. - Lesson, you can level up your cards here and get item drops. You can Auto and Loop this. 2.0x speed is available. - Work, you pair up 2 characters for jobs that have specific item drops and watch them move around and talking. That's it. You can play it on 2.0x speed. - Live, how do I describe it.... Just characters moving around. You can Skip this. - Event, you collect points by doing the stuff listed above. Then you can trade the points for items and cards, SSR card included. There's no ranking for this. (the 'brand new pop n star' event was ongoing when I logged in. not sure if this is the only type of event that exists.) The item drops you get from all of that is for upgrading your card, called Kirameki Step. There are lots of steps you have to unlock with items before you reach the final step which I'm guessing it changes the card's image. You can unlock character stories, home lines etc from the bear sitting on a chair icon. (Can't read it) Each unlockables need requirements. Graphic wise, it looks great. Gameplay wise, it's nice if you're into it. (... I play On Air!) I guess that's all for now... --- Personally, I think it's great for players who played the previous iChu game. For me, I'm unsure since my reason for playing iChu was because of Satoi's art and the rhythm game. I'm just going to wait for Pop n Star scout because from the free gacha, I took the *characters* who I don't even remember, since the rerolling was hellish with so many *characters* in the game. I only stan Pop n Star [難過] edit: I gave in and rerolled [發困]

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