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Go Go! Jump Cat

Go Go! Jump Cat




Endless runners (in this case, hopper/jumper) are always one of the top picks when it comes to time-killing or daily focus/reflex exercise. Jump Cat is nothing different than other games of its kind but provide you with a very clean graphic with enough chill flavor...and Ponos' trademark weird cats. While I wish there's some kind of backup since I hate to lose my progress when changing a phone, maybe that's the price to pay for not having microtransaction (It sucks that we have to choose, but I prefer one less microtransaction game on my phone). If you can ignore a mission prompt asking you to 'do better', it's very chill and refereshing little game.
Note: Don't get me wrong. Completing a mission can be satisfying and you do wonder when you did something seemingly impossible. But depend on mood, I'd like to just relax and hide anything that could cause stress away.

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always love ponos' weird cats. the sfx is oddly charming, and of course endless runners are good time wasters. solid if you wanna stave off some boredom ☆



Great job as always ponos! the game is addicting and oddly satisfying seeing "cats" jump on a pogo stick.To anyknr out there that needs more cat food for battle cats rigjt now,download this game and complete the missions to earn catfood. i know,no need to thank me[微笑]

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