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Honey×Blade 2

Honey×Blade 2


Ichi San


Very good graphics and music but story and characters are quite boring... If you want to play this game just for the cute girls then you'll like it more.

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i dont know what they say and what to do but i only know 1 thing that its try to lewd the girls

Aaron Ross


First of all this game is Japenese only, so unless you're fluent you'll have a hard time navigating menus and story. The game's graphics varies, the models during the VN sections are beautiful and include jiggle physics (5 stars all round for that i know) but during gameplay they are reduced to chibis and you mostly view them from behind. Gameplay is actually kind of fun, its turned base alternating between each character, you select a skill and then your target, this allows more tactics than most other gacha games, where you just sit and let the combat auto play. Speaking of gacha, from what i can tell, you don't collect waifus, you collect outfits for them. Also theres an intimacy mode where at a high enougj bond you tap on them and they pull NSFW poses and expressions, all without any voices it seems. Basically if you're looking for a game with cute girls and funny jiggle physics (let's be honest why else would you play a gacha game) give it a go

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