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#COMPASS | Japanese

#COMPASS | Japanese

#COMPASS | Japanese

Matheus Fernandes


os resultados do combate são previsisveis, não há espaço para reviravolta.

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I really love this game it very very so much fun! but please make english version,I want to know about character info or card status about mission and event too. (;ω;) Ps. I want this game to have some trade event characters with other event characters. Example if some event like Satsuriku no Tenshi everyone would want Zack&Ray but they pay and they don't receive this character just like me.. I pay for 3 time but I don't receive them and it very make me feel bad-- (lol) So I want this game to have trade event characters function like " Event Characters 1 player have > Trade to > Event Characters 1 else that player don't have " or when event collab have come I want you to give player some 1 event gacha ticket. Please make my wish come true.. think as for someone like me who have luck E when spin gacha (lol)



1. Please make english version language 2. Please make offline 3. Download and loading was to long 4. Sometimes screen picture show white or black 5. Size 118 mb was to big for low specification smartphone 6. Please make music like melody only 7. Sometimes movement player was error , please fix this

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