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Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-

Itamie Sakome Game Hunter


bon pour ceux qui aiment les vocaloides. Les sons sont bon mais peu nombreux le gameplay à peu près le même que tous les idle game. Sinon cest un jeu avec des mécanique de RPG équipement etc... bien trouvé qui rend le jeu plus facile.

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As a huge fan of rhythm games, I was really looking forward to this title, only to find out it was a Tap Titan alternative. So obviously, I was rather disappointed. Although this might be a somewhat biased standpoint, I'll review it objectively for the game it was meant to be. Graphics: Cute and very defined. The sprites have a clear edge with simple but charismatic animations that smoothly portrays their various egos. Sound: The game revolves around Hatsune Miku. So you're gonna have to expect abnormally high pitched and fast paced music. It's not a personal favorite genre of music but compared to most other tapping games I've played, the bgm here was much more enjoyable. (At least once you've already gotten used to it and/or reached the ultimate level of weeb) Gameplay: I don't really think I have to go in depth here. Just tap (or autoclick), earn coins and upgrade your vocaloid army. Storyline: [懵懂][為什麼] Overall Impressions: A casual tapping game you can enjoy leisurely at your own pace for a long term. Has potential to be a favorable game to collectors due to the various event costumes assumed to be released in the future and finally one you should avoid spending on (unless you really want to, by all means, help support the game).



Божечки[開心] Какая милая игра! Да, это обычный кликер, но Микушечка очень миленькая. Классные костюмчики и прикольная музыка. Очень надеюсь что в будущем в игре появятся ивенты, в которых можно будет получить костюмы для вокалоидов и петов.

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