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Candies 'n Curses

Candies 'n Curses

Candies 'n Curses



I love everything that's here. The only problem is that there could stand to be more of it.

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Candies 'n Curses is a simple yet enjoyable game with great storyline and a variety of enemies. It's repetitive at best but that's what makes things easy to play! The pixels are very creative and very fluid. Games that uses pixelart are honestly epic as every pixel counts and one slight mistake in a sprite can ruin the whole picture. The stages are actually very interesting as well. The sound effects is the whimsical, spooky kind, one that is often use on a horror genre aimed for or has child characters. It fits perfectly with the storyline of Molli, being some random girl, enter the mansion for a child game knowing the possible risks. I like the run, jump and dodge mechanic of the game and they took that system into something very creative. It's also cute how you have different types of obtainable curses! The story follows Molli Pop as she is dared to enter a haunted mansion in a game of Truth or Dare, and things went downhill once she enters the mansion.

Nazareno Robledo


Otro de mis juegos favoritos, su banda sonora es lo que más me ha enamorado, me recuerda tanto a los juegos de la Gameboy Advance, es alucinante la tematica igual y simplemente divertidísima la jugabilidad. Recomendado.

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